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Best Season

Post  STOO01 on Thu Apr 29, 2010 8:14 pm

at the last meeting the commitee read out the winners of the first 3 tournaments this season and congratulated them
3 man team - Blazers, captain/vice captain - Blazers, 100 Ball - Blazers , still 4 competitions to get 1 more win to equal to record, well record i have made

it was brought up do you think you'se can win them all, no chance i said then i thought who has done the best

Blazers won the doubles , that's 4 won this season and a draw with the best ever

92-93 Argyle-League, 100 Ball, Singles, 3 man team, 4/6
98-99 Empire-League, 100 Ball, Singles, Doubles. 4/6
02-03 Blazers-100 Ball, Singles, Doubles, 3 man team 4/6
07-08 Brig-League, 100 Ball, 3 man team, 5 man team 4/7 ,5 man team was played from 03/04
08-09 Blazers-Singles, Doubles, 3 man team, Captain 4/7 / Brig won 2, Buck won 1
09-10 Blazers-100 Ball, Doubles, 3 man team, Captain 4/7 / Brig won 1, Den won 1

Brig may have won 6 league titles and 5 100 ball titles but they havent got a good record in the other 5 competition, they still win them but not lick the league and 100 ball

When were good they never remember, when were bad they never forget

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