SPA. Super 15's 2010

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SPA. Super 15's 2010

Post  joebuck on Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:24 am

If Levenmouth have joined the SPA. They could have entered teams in the Super 15's in November, although the closing date for entries was Sunday July 4 2010 they are still looking for 3 teams to fill up the entry for the "B" event at Pettycur Bay.

Usually u must enter an "A" team before u are allowed to enter a "B" team, but as Levenmouth have just joined and are maybe not up to speed with the way things work, the SPA may allow u to enter a "B" team only at Pettycur Bay.

So it is up to the Levenmouth league to contact the SPA if they fancy entering a team.

I have started the ball rolling for u's on the SPA wesite, so now up to u guys to take it from there.

good luck




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