75 baw - ideas for new rules

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75 baw - What rules should be played ?

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75 baw - ideas for new rules

Post  STOO01 on Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:53 am

with the blackball rules being used in the jathros league , the rules that come with it would be better used in the 75 baw should make the game more attacking

blackball rules - hitting a cushion or potting a ball after every shot, no rolling up to a ball for a snooker

if a foul is played, loosing 5 points and the opponent having the option of playing the white from where it is or moving it to the balk area, you should not be penalised by not being able to have a pot after your oponent makes a foul / it was 3 points last year

how many shots from the break ? , 1 or 2

I wont include the chance to vote on the old rules as some table's wont have a D and were playing blackball rules
what ever wins the vote will be included for the 75 baw

I reset the vote at 5pm saturday so visitors could not vote
in the singles last season scott dewar had 6 votes to win the title and topped the poll , this was set with visitors can vote (not a true reading i dont think) , so i changed it to registered users only

watched the snooker on saturday power snooker it had a few good ideas in it like 2 shots from the break, but the breaks were rotated every time the rack was cleared (like you break, then me, then you again, me and so on) could be an idea to add this idea to the 75 baw, it wont happen in the 100 ball but so what we can do what we want , sorry if you think its a shit idea , just vote for what you think

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Re: 75 baw - ideas for new rules

Post  Big Show on Sat Nov 20, 2010 3:35 am

2 shots on every break but u must break from where the white rest once the last ball of the rack is potted unless it rest inside the triangle of the next rack requirements for a legal break apply i.e 2 balls must pass an imaginary line through the centre pockets

Fouls- you cannot move the white 2 the baulk area however u can be awarded a free visit and whatever -/+ points penalty

blackball rules - hitting a cushion or potting a ball every shot

this is my vote for 75baw rules

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