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Cash Support

Post  joebuck on Sun Feb 06, 2011 1:00 pm

Passed at a meeting on Monday 31 January 2011 so I believe?

It seems that the body of the hall voting in favour of giving cash support to players representing Scotland from the Leven league!

But do the voters know what they voted for?

These guys are playing World Rules pool, Leven are affiliated to the SPA and play Blackball rules, now as a result of them playing in World rules events they cannot represent Leven in SPA events as playing World Rules bans them from this.

Shoot me down if u so desire, but I would have thought that this cash would have been better used to support the Leven super league team that is actually representing Leven at the super 11's in march at Craig Tara, these boys have had to shell out all cash themselves to play for the honour of Leven.

Bad call here by the body of the hall me thinks affraid

Was all this explained fully to the body of the hall Question




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Re: Cash Support

Post  STOO01 on Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:00 pm

I did hear that the comittee were not going to give the help to these players and it went to the chairman and final vote to decide it

I was not told of the rules they were playing , I am aware that they ban each other from there competitions
what a carry on people should be allowed to play pool what ever the rules are, to ban players from competitions is madness as im sure has been said in the past about playing and banned

as we are with SPA, after being made aware of the rule thing I dont think leven should have sponsored the players of a world rules event , harsh but there you are , read the problems on the SPA site

some one like yourself Joe should be on our comittee who has the rules and why, its all about persuading players to vote correctly for the good of pool in levenmouth
to vote on this i may have voted for the players if as i suspect the season why and why not had not been put forward correctly

I may put a claim in for bus fairs from squire ville to leven if everyones getting money No

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