pool tournament in levenmouth

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pool tournament in levenmouth

Post  MEATHEAD on Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:27 pm

LEVENMOUTH SUPER 6 Fundraiser 15th October The Venue


This is an 8 man team event, teams can have as many players they want but only 8 can play in a game, but you can use another 8 for the next game if you wish.

Entry fee 80 per team

Format still to be decided.

Also if we get the tables on the fri, there will be a singles comp, flyers and money matches on the saturday for anyone interested.

Stoo will be giving me a hand on the day to run things.

Hoping to make this a yearly tournament if all goes well. Have had a lot of interest in this tournament and the 8 places have been filled.

Will possibly add another couple of teams depending on hall time and format so as for now i will add any other teams to the reserve list.

Some quality teams in this tournament, the top 5 teams in levenmouth who can all beat each other, the top team from glenrothes and the top 2 teams from east neuk (world rules), and i believe Legends went all season undefeated.

Mollys have dropped out so looking like the windsor are going to come in.

teams confirmed already;
1. Auld Hoose Windygates
2. Den inn
3. Brig
4. Lundin Links Bowling Club (east neuk league runners up)
5. Argyle
6. Clansman (glenrothes league winners)
7. Legends (east neuk league winners)

1. windsor (kirckaldy league)

As some of you know, i have spoke about doing a levenmouth players fund, where i will run tournaments, fundraisers etc to raise money for players in levenmouth for who have been selected to play international and super events tournaments, the money will be there to keep players costs down for going to these tournaments. For to be considered for gettin money for these events you need to turn up to tournaments, fundraisers etc and contribute.

This tournament will be the first event for raising money for the levenmouth pool players fund.


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