when does it start ?

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when does it start ?

Post  STOO01 on Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:31 am

this competition was advertised in the mail with no fixtures as a reminder

it seems this could have been run better, i heard of venues like mollys not knowing they had a venue and having 2 players turn up
other venues had 2 or 3 players
poor show for what could be a more prestigious competition in the future

wednesday night does not seem to be an idea thats working, is their something else on in leven on wednesdays

does anyone who wanted in this competition know where they were meant to be
it may have been an idea to get everyones phone number and make the draw at a monthy meeting and let the players get on with it, in their own time , 2 weeks is a good idea for each fixture Rolling Eyes

is the league looking for someone to run this competition for them Laughing

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