Are we all happy with the league format?

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Which match format would you preffer?

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History of the League

Post  STOO01 on Fri May 30, 2008 6:55 am

found an old league fixture list from 91/92 1st game started 5 september, last game 11 june but that was playing each other not 2 times home and away, but 3 times that season another odd rule. the doubles final being played 18 june the following thursday and singles a week later 25 june.

in 1993-94 the league had 2 leagues with a total of 18 teams, the 100 ball was not knock out but 4 leagues, not all the teams entered the 100 ball leagues (4 or 5 teams teams each league) the final was played on a sunday in the empire with 4 teams taking part east dock bar losing to Arygle in the semi and white swan losing in the final to argyle 100-42 . dont know the other team that competed in the semi.
I remember the following season the final was in the argyle v station with someone going through an argyle window that day ohh the good old days.

the league set up in 98/99 was two groups of 8 called A and B league the teams played each other till christmas then the top 4 from each group would make up the 1st Division and bottom 4 making the second division .

1988/89 season started with 2 leagues and a total of 25 teams.

I posted this to remind the forum users of some different formats we have been through

When were good they never remember, when were bad they never forget

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Re: Are we all happy with the league format?

Post  Guest on Fri May 30, 2008 8:15 pm

and to show ur age? Laughing


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