Singles Final

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Singles Final

Post  STOO01 on Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:03 pm

1 R Frape Brig 'A B McCall Brig 'A 2
2 J Anderson Auld Hoose C Bristor Kirkland 0
2 A Laverty Blazers J Keillor Wellesley 'A 0
2 S Warren Blazers G McLaren Wellesley 'A 1

2 S Warren Blazers B McCall Brig 'A 0
2 J Anderson Auld Hoose A Laverty Blazers 0

S Warren Blazers 3
Champion J Anderson Auld Hoose 1

If I remember correctly the 2 previous winners met in the 1st round with R Frape losing to B McCall winning with a brilliant clearance in the final frame, Mccall lost the semi final to Warren 2-0. Anderson sailed past Bristor in the quarters and then beat Lavery 2-0 in the Semi-Final.

The Final match
Anderson won the first frame, then in the second potted the black and white in the middle bag, the other games were slow tacticle with Warren coming out on top of the battle 3-1.

Warren came throw the 1st round in the Auld Hoose Leven 2-1 versus the last Millfield owner don't mind his name. then 2-0 versus S McKenzie , Deek Allan also qualified from this venue only to loose in the next round at the Millfield.

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