3 Man Team 1st round

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3 Man Team 1st round

Post  STOO01 on Sat Oct 12, 2013 3:14 am

3 Man Team 1st round to be played 24 October 2013
Match format - best of 5 games , 3 singles 2 scotch doubles
1 to qualify from each venue

Molly Malones (2) - S Swain, S Warren, C Simpson, D Jurecki
Molly Malones (1) - N Johnston, S Gillies, S Johnston, N Jones
Auld Hoose Buckhaven (3) - M Buchan, G Hutchison, T Dunsire
Swan Hotel (1) - A Richards, N Bell, F Fair, D Gordon

Auld Hoose Buckhaven
Auld Hoose Buckhaven (1) - P Guyan, J Paterson, D Goodsir
Argyll (3) - K Wardhaugh, T Oates, M Scott
Buck'n'Hynd (2) - T Clark, J Guidi, R Crockatt Snr
Scoonie GC (1) - M Mann, D Williamson, M Gartshore, S Page

Auld Hoose Windygates
Brig (2) - D Allan, C Sanders, D Meldrum, M Brodie
Sunbeam (1) - R Frape, G Gilchrist, D Hutt, P Gordon
Auld Hoose Windygates (1) - B Thomson, A Dickson, I Murray, C Arnott
Bayview (3) - T Biggerstaff, W Allan, D Clark

Scoonie GC (2) - R Stenhouse, G Taylor, J Wood, J Brister
Auld Hoose Windygates (3) - M Paterson, B O'Donnell, P Cheeney, D Johnston
Bayview (2) - L Greig, T Moir, J Egan
Central (1) - I Laird, C Scott, G Robertson, J Watt

Brig Tavern
Den Inn (2) - C Brown, M Mann, M McLean, K Purves
Argyll (4) - M Fairgrieve, S wedderburn, J Keillor
Argyll (2) - Daniel Keillor, Derek Keillor, G Henderson, D Keillor Jnr
Sunbeam (2) - W Lindsay, J MacIntyre, G Cascarino, D Law

Sunbeam (3) - K Wilson, S Warrender, J Heggie, G Miveld
Argyll (1) - David Keillor, S Whittaker, L Dow
Brig (3) - S Wedderburn, K Paton, S Simpson, S Bradley
Swan Hotel (2) - R Smith, D Davidson, M Kettles, R Scott

Den Inn (1) - D Hutchison, S Kennedy, M McHale, G Brunton
Bayview (1) - R Greig, G Raeburn, D Smith, G Ballantyne
Auld Hoose Buckhaven (2) - B Smith, C Smith, S Smith, J Buchan
Buck'n'Hynd (1) - D Todd, J Burns, J Lamont
J Buchan added to Auld Hoose team , only 2 teams turned up Bayview, AHB

Den Inn
Auld Hoose Windygates (2) - R Warrender, C Corcoran ,K Corcoran, M Anderson
Central (2) - B Calley, W Dryburgh, E Dryburgh, D Liddy
Brig (1) - J White, M Shepherd, G Thomson, R White (last season's champions)

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