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Scottish Singles

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Scottish Singles
First to 7, 3 Qualifiers. 5 entry

Round 1 Deadline 19th August
1. Joe Buchan 7vs1 Peter Simpson
2. Robbie Greig 2vs7 Paul Gordon
3. Robbie Mcphail 1vs7 Soapy Simpson
4. Terry Biggerstaff 7vs5 Fiona Herd
5. Brain Methven-Brains 2vs7 Brian O'Donnell
6. Terry Moir 0vsW/O Daniel Allardyce
7. Billy Black 5vs7 Ryan Allan
8. Greg Stringer vsW/O Mike Paterson

Round 2 Deadline 2nd September

Quarters 1
9. Joe Buchan 7vs6 David Smith
10. David Keillor 7vs2 Jason Curran
11. Paul Gordon vsW/O Danny Keillor
12. Stuart Given 0vs7 Brian Thomson

Quarters 2
13. Soapy Simpson vsW/O Kevin Corcoran
14. Martyn McLean 7vs5 Alan Moreland
15. Terry Biggerstaff 6vs7 Paul Dorman
16. Brian O'Donnell W/Ovs Gavin Taylor

Quarters 3
17. Daniel Allardyce vsW/O Alan McWilliams
18. Stoo Warren 7vs3 Neil Coleman
19. Ryan Allan 7vs4 Daniel Gordon
20. Mike Paterson 7vs0 Paul Brown

Round 3 Deadline 16th September

Semi 1
Joe Buchan 7vs1 David Keillor
Danny Keillor 0vs7 Brian Thomson

Semi 2
Kevin Corcoran W/Ovs Martyn McLean
Paul Dorman 6vs7 Brian O'Donnell

Semi 3
Alan McWilliams 6vs7 Stoo Warren
Ryan Allan 3vs7 Mike Paterson

Round 4 Deadline 30th September
Final 1
Joe Buchan 0vs7 Brian Thomson

Final 2
Kev Corcoran 7vs4 Brian O'Donnell

Final 3
Stoo Warren 3vs7 Mike Paterson

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