Super 15's 'A Team

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Super 15's 'A Team

Post  STOO01 on Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:53 am

Levenmouth Super 15's 'A
3, 4, 5 November 2nd Division

1 Ian Murray (captain) Auld Hoose 'A
2 Willie Lindsay (Vice Captain) - Swan 'A
3 Mike Shephard - Brig 'A
4 Alan Dickson - Auld Hoose 'A
5 Mark Anderson - Auld Hoose 'A Replaced by Kev Corcoran -
6 Craig Sanders - Brig 'A
7 Rab Frape - Swan 'A
8 Mike Paterson - Auld Hoose 'A Replaced by Martin McBride - Swan 'A
9 Stevie Leslie - Douglas 'B
10 Deek Allan - Brig 'A
11 Mark Dobson Brig 'A
12 Jamie Logie - Douglas 'B
13 Graham Raeburn - Auld Hoose 'A
14 Scott 'Soapy' Simpson - Douglas 'B
15 Paul 'Flash' Gordon - Swan 'A
16 Euan Waddell - Auld Hoose 'B
17 Marc Taylor - Auld Hoose 'B

1 frame round Robbin with top 4 players will fill last 4 places,
To be played on the 20th May Styx Glenrothes

Terry Moir W3/L4
Marc Taylor W4/L3
Euan Waddell W6/L1
Paul Gordon W5/L2
Marc Mann W1/L6
Brian O'Donnell W3/L4
Greig Stringer W2/L5
Rab Clark replaced by Scott 'Soapy' Simpson W4/L3

It's been very difficult but we've done Oor best to pick the team and trial players,,I know there will be some disappointment out there but their will be a good blend in the team whoever takes the last 4 spots

When were good they never remember, when were bad they never forget

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