Super 15's 'B Team

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Super 15's 'B Team

Post  STOO01 on Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:55 am

Levenmouth Super 15's 'B

Well since that's the A team been finalised, me and Alan have been in lengthy talks and have finally came to a conclusion on our Super 15s B team!!! I know there will be a few people disappointed and will only make Jazzys team stronger!!!
If anyone has any questions then just fire me a pm 👍🏼
10, 11, 12 November Div 3

1. Alan McWilliams - Douglas 'A
2. Brian Thomson - Auld Hoose 'A Replaced by Robbie Greig - Windsor 
3. Robert Warrender - Auld Hoose 'A
4. Scott Spencer - ?
5. Dugald Mcnaught - Douglas 'A
6. David Smith - Windsor
7. Terry Moir - Douglas 'B
8. Marc Mann - Douglas 'B
9. Greg Stringer - McPhails
10. Brian O'Donnell - Auld Hoose 'A
11. Paul Brown - McPhails
12. Alan Moreland - Douglas 'A
13. Blair Simpson - McPhails
14. Rab Clark - Swan 'A
15. Billy Black - Swan 'A
16. Stuart Given - Den Inn
17. Martin McLean - Douglas 'B

Trialist 24 June Styx Kirkcaldy 1pm
1Stuart Given5414112
2Martyn McLean532329
3Robbie Greig532329
4Nick Campbell523236
5Ryan Allan523236
6Ruaidri Balfour514143

7. Terry Biggerstaff - Douglas 'B never turned up

We haven't came up with a date for the trials yet but will be confirmed asap!! Maybe 2nd to last week in june!!!
Well done to everyone on selection and Good Luck to the Trialist!!

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