Super 15's 'C Team

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Super 15's 'C Team

Post  STOO01 on Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:57 am

Levenmouth Super 15's 'C

Well after few days of messaging people and little bit of chop and changing this is the supers C team. Some old heads who have played before and some new faces added. Decided not to do a trial and take 19 people as I'm sure there will be drop outs before then and people moving teams if this happens(always happens). Asked Gav to be vice captain, he's done this job and will take some guidance from him(he had no input in the team lol) Tried to be as fair as I can and do what's right for Leven 👍

Playoffs 8 October

1. Jazzy Johnston (Captain) - Sunbeam
2. Gavin Taylor (Vice Captain) - Douglas 'B
3. Terry Biggerstaff - Douglas 'B
4. Robert Biggerstaff - Brig 'A
5. Scott wedderburn junior - Brig 'B
6. Jason Curran - ?
7. Brian Methven-Brains - Douglas 'B
8. Fiona Herd - Douglas 'A
9. Regan Paterson - Swan 'B
10. Ellis Dryburgh - Central
11. Cameron Scott - Central
12. Peter Simpson - Den Inn
13. Joseph Hutchison - Sunbeam
14. Jordan Grubb - Mcphails
15. Craig Arnott( if he's home) - McPhails
16. Robbie Greig - Windsor
17. Nick Campbell - Auld Hoose 'B
18. Ryan Allan - Swan 'A
19. Ruaidhri Balfour - McPhails

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