SPA IM Dates & Entries

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SPA IM Dates & Entries

Post  STOO01 on Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:27 pm

2018 SPA Mick McGoldrick IM Series
The 2018 SPA Mick McGoldrick IM Series shall continue with the same format as 2017. Areas shall be awarded a pro-rata of qualifiers based upon their entries, The more entries an area has, the more qualifiers they shall likely receive for the National Finals.

The National Finals have 256 qualifiers, where the Top 64 from the rankings the season before are automatic and joined by 192 qualifiers from all over Scotland.

There are 5 events that count towards players' ranking in the series, in addition the Scottish Singles also counts towards each players ranking. Every player is awarded Merit or Ranking Points determined by their position in each event. Players that do not win any money in IM's 1-5 may also be eligible for IM6.

The National Finals shall be held on the following dates:-

Event 1: 3rd & 4th March - Ballroom, Edinburgh; Shandon, Edinburgh and Players Lounge, Falkirk
Event 2: 21st & 22nd April
Event 3: 30th June & 1st July
Event 4: 25th & 26th August
Event 5: 22nd & 23rd September
Event 6: 1st & 2nd December

The venues are still to be confirmed, however it is known that there will be one event held in the East of Scotland, one in the West of Scotland and the remaining four shall be held centrally. The venues will be announced as soon as they are known.

Entry for the 2018 Series remains at £30 per player, offering one of the best value tournaments on offer with all entry money taken in being paid out. This season just under £35k will have been paid out over the 6 IM events.

Payment Information
Anyone wishing to participate in the 2018 Mick McGoldrick IM Series of Events must register with their IM Rep. Remember, anyone who misses this deadline shall miss the entire 2018 Series.

Entries will be taken at the SPA Meeting on Sunday 3rd December, but please note IM Reps may have a deadline which is before this to allow cleared payment to reach the SPA Accounts prior to the meeting.

IM Reps
The entry and payment deadline is Sunday 3rd December 2017 (For cash and cheque). Any Rep who cannot attend must ensure cleared funds have reached the SPA Accounts no later than close of business on Saturday 2nd December 2017. If paying electronically, then please note that a full list of entries must also be sent to

Breakdown of Ranking Structure for Im Events
20 Ranking Points Winner
15 Ranking Points Runner-Up
11 Ranking Points Semi-Finalists
7 Ranking Points Quarter-Finalist
4 Ranking Points Last 16
2 Ranking Points Last 32
1 Ranking Points Last 64
5 Merit Points Last 128 - £10 winnings
4 Merit Points Last 256
3 Merit Points Last 512 - Final Local Qualifing
2 Merit Points Last 1024 - Local Qualifing
1 Merit Point Last 2048 - Local Qualifing

🎱 Levenmouth IMs 2018 🎱
Entry £30
Deadline: 1st December (To be sent to SPA by 3rd December)
Please use your name followed by IM as a reference
With Alan McWilliams looking to take a step back from being IM rep for the area, I'm looking to step in and take over the role for the year. Looking forward to it and I'll do my best for the area (Y) cheers

Top 64
Brian Thomson - 45

Mike Paterson - 116
Deek Allan - 121
Willie Lindsay - 148
Jamie Logie - 215
Euan Waddell - 309
Soapy Simpson - 354
Simon Johnston - 384

Other entries
Marc Taylor - 391
Kevin Chalmers - 416
Stoo Warren - 459
Nick Campbell - 485
David Smith - 496
Stuart Given - 510
Brian O'Donnell - 563
Terry Moir - 597
Blair Simpson - 640
Corey Morrison - 652
Paul Gordon - 661
Robbie Greig - 666
Kenny Purves - 670
Peter Simpson - 678
Alan Moreland  - 691
Jason Curran - 728
Neil Coleman - 730
Marc Mann - 754
Gavin Taylor - 757
Billy Black - 772
Jordan Grubb - 839
Charles Simpson - 866
Ruaidhri Balfour - 870
Martin Mcbride - 941
Joseph Hutchison - 1049
Regan Paterson - 1072

New Players
Sean Brown - New
Callum King - New
Colin Brown - New
Bert MacGregor - New
Ryan Kerr - New
Robert Biggerstaff - New
Callum Kerr - New
Alan Finnie - New
Greg Stringerr - New
Alan Dickson - New
Scott Spencer - New
Stewart Fleming - New
James Anderson Snr - New

Entrants 2016-48, 2017-77, 2018-47

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