Masters 2nd round

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Masters 2nd round

Post  STOO01 on Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:15 am

Masters 2nd Round
to be played 4 January 2018
draw and venues still to be done

S Bradley - Brig 'B
J Grubb - Central 'B

W Lindsay - Swan 'A
R Warrender - Brig 'A

D Allardyce - Central 'B
S Wedderburn - Brig 'B
G Stringer - Swan 'A
S Johnson - Windsor

K Chalmers - Central 'B
A McWilliams - Douglas 'A

C Kerr - Buck'n'Hynd
D Smith - Windsor

N Coleman - Douglas 'A
J Logie - Douglas 'B
P Simpson - Windsor
M McBride - Swan 'A

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