Super 11's D Team

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Super 11's D Team

Post  STOO01 on Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:00 am

Division 2, 9th-11th February

Supers D team
This team will be at pettycur on the 9th-11th February in division 2 same event as the B team.

1. Robbie Greig - captain
2. Ruaidhri Balfour - vice
3. Greg Stringer
4. Soapy Simpson  Brian Methven-Brains
5. Euan Waddell
6. Blair Simpson
7. Colin Brown
8. Martyn McLean
9. Marc Mann
10. Alan Moreland Brickwork
11. Craig Arnott
12. Regan Paterson

Been left with a lot of players to chose from which made it even harder for us to pick. Tried to mix it up a bit. Like the others, try keep negativity off this post and any problems or questions give me or Rury a message. Cheers🎱

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