Super 11's D Team

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Super 11's D Team

Post  STOO01 on Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:00 am

Division 2, 9th-11th February

Supers D team
This team will be at pettycur on the 9th-11th February in division 2 same event as the B team.
1. Robbie Greig - captain
2. Ruaidhri Balfour - vice
3. Greg Stringer
4. Soapy Simpson
5. Euan Waddell
6. Blair Simpson
7. Colin Brown
8. Martyn McLean
9. Marc Mann
10. Alan Moreland Brickwork
11. Craig Arnott
12. Regan Paterson

Been left with a lot of players to chose from which made it even harder for us to pick. Tried to mix it up a bit. Like the others, try keep negativity off this post and any problems or questions give me or Rury a message. Cheers🎱

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