Venues - Empire to Windsor

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Venues - Empire to Windsor

Post  STOO01 on Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:24 am

Last 8 Venues Games to be played 27th March 2008. 2 Qualify from each venue.
Douglas Venue Cancelled

L Lowe - Den B
John Anderson - Buck B
K Wardhaugh - Argyle
G Cape -Argyle
James Anderson - Buck B
T Biggerstaff - Blazers
S Murray - Auld Hoose Windy
M Anderson - Douglas
B ODonnell - Argyle

G Anderson - Douglas
J Swain - Windsor B
D Murray - Auld Hoose Windy
M Boyd - Buck B
D Hamilton - Den A
M Wilson - Auld Hoose Windy
G Mathewson - Buck B
K Dick - Blazers
I Murray - Den A

M Fairgrieve - Argyle
A Lothian - Auld Hoose Windy
D Penman - Argyle
J Cavanagh - Den B
J McDougal - Brig
S Maxwell - Maxwells
A Watt - Den A
J Laverty - Blazers
M Bryant - Buck B

Silver Tassie
A Sneddon - Empire
G McLaren - Buck A
A Band - Den A
T Clark - Buck A
A McWilliams - Buck B
C Burns - Windsor B
R McGregor - Buck B
S Deas - Den A
A Rodgers - Den B

G Kinninmonth - Blazers
S Haswell - Brig
R Maxwell - Maxwells
N Jones - Windsor B
S Johnson - Windsor B
L Sim - Maxwells
B McCall - Buck A
B Aird - Empire
B Soutar - Den A

Toll Bar
C Saunders - Brig
M Anderson - Auld Hoose Windy
S Gillies - Windsor B
J Guidi - Buck A
A Stewart (Snr) - Auld Hoose Windy
D Band - Douglas
D Hutt - Brig
A Ryan - Maxwells
B Wilson - Douglas

D Thomas - Den A
A Raeburn - Windsor B
S Gilmour - Auld Hoose Windy
L Dow - Argyle
N Johnson - Windsor B
S Bradley - Brig
R Barker - Douglas
M Brodie - Brig
A Couper - Maxwells

total amount entered 140 players

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