Super 11's E Team

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Super 11's E Team

Post  STOO01 on Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:41 am

There's a possibility of creating a supers E-Team if you are still interested in playing supers after unfortunately not already being selected please leave your name on this post,the experience is invaluable and will hold you better for future selection,, 🎱"in sweep we trust" 🎱 didn't think I say tht again 😂😂 if ur up for it I'll help the team where I can 👍🎱

Neil Coleman
Ellis Dryburgh
Brian Methven-Brains
Sean Brown
Liam Garden
Callum Kerr
Jambo Kennedy
Blake Cassidy
Charles Simpson
Jonny Vegas
Ryan Kerr
Stuart Smith
Ryan Chilcott
Jazzy Johnston

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