IM2 Fixtures, Results & Deadline Dates

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IM2 Fixtures, Results & Deadline Dates

Post  STOO01 on Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:37 am

IM2 Draw 🎱
Round 1 - 2048
Deadline Saturday 24th February

Section 1
Mike Paterson vs Bye
Marc Taylor vs Bye
Neil Coleman vs Scott Spencer
Alan Moreland vsWalk Alan Finnie

Section 2
Derek Allan vs Bye
Colin Brown vs Bye
James Anderson Snr vs Alan Dickson
Stewart Fleming vs Paul Gordon

Section 3
Jamie Logie vs Bye
Regan Paterson vs Bye
Callum King Walkvs Bert Mac Gregor
Gavin Taylor vs Martin McBride

Section 4
Simon Johnston vs Bye
Callum King 1vs6 Blair Simpson
Sean Brown vs Nick Campbell
Billy Black vs Pete Simpson

Section 5
William Lindsay vs Bye
Brian O'Donnell vs Marc Mann
Greg Stringer 6vs4 Stoo Warren
Ryaidhri Balfour 6vs4 Joseph Hutchison

Section 6
Euan Waddell vs Bye
Jordan Grubb vs Robert Biggerstaff
Terry Moir vs Jason Curran
David Smith 6vs0 Ryan Kerr

Section 7
Scott Simpson vs Bye
Charlie Simpson vs Correy Morrison
Kevin Chalmers vs Stuart Given
Robbie Greig 3vs6 Kenny Purves

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