3 Man Team 1st Round

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3 Man Team 1st Round

Post  STOO01 on Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:14 am

3 Man Team 1st round 25 October 2018
best of 9 games, 2 qualify from each venue

Sunbeam (2) - C Allan, D Keillor, P Dorman 
Brig 'A (3) - B Martin, D Inglis, S Leslie
Douglas 'B (2) - M Taylor, S Fleming, J Anderson / Absent
Brig 'B (1) - J White, S Bradley, K Wardhaugh, J Keillor

Brig 'A (2) - I Murray, D Allan, G Bremner, R Biggerstaff
Empire - S Maxwell, P Guyan, J McAllister
Brig 'B (2) - L Dow, D Keillor, M Fairgrieve, S Wedderburn Snr
Buck'n'Hynd - C Simpson, S Muir, C Kerr, S Craig

Douglas 'A - G Anderson, D McNaught, D Hamilton
Douglas 'B (3) - G Taylor, T Biggerstaff, M McLean, S Simpson
Swan 'A (2) - R Allan, R Paterson, M McBride, P Gordon
Brig 'A (1) - B Thomson, R Warrender, K Corcoran, M Dobson

Douglas 'B (1) - M McHale, J Logie, A Moreland
Sunbeam (1) - L Garden, J McIntyre, D Law
Swan 'A (1) - S Warren, R Clark, G Stringer, J Cavanagh
Windsor - S Wedderburn Jnr, S Johnston, P Simpson, C O'Donnell

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