Super 11's D team

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Super 11's D team

Post  STOO01 on Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:31 am

Well ma vice cap is AWOL so am pulling rank fuk it lol.
D team for petty 8th to 10th of march

Gav taylor cap - Douglas 'B
Robbie Greig vice - Windsor
Greg Stringer - Brig 'A
Ryan Allan - Swan 'A
Billy Black - Douglas 'B
Alan Moreland - Douglas 'B
Joe Macbride  ?
Rab Clark - Swan 'A
Stewart Fleming - Douglas 'B
Jason Curran - ?
Liam Garden - Sunbeam
Craig Allan - Sunbeam

Delighted wi this side plenty experience and adding in my eyes the 2 most improved pool players in levenmouth this year on liam and craig will only make them stronger.

When were good they never remember, when were bad they never forget

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