Seniors Final Dates and Venues

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Seniors Final Dates and Venues

Post  STOO01 on Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:26 am

by: danny, 6 days ago 12:03 AM (#13)

Dates and Venus for 2019 Senior's Tour.

There is a backup venue for each event in case there is over 72 entries. This is the second named venue.

Sunday 17th Feb, Players Falkirk - Cawburn Inn, Livingston
Sunday 17th Mar, Shandon, edinburgh - Corner Pocket, Dalkeith
Saturday 18th May, Pockets, Paisley - Irvine 8 Ball
Sunday 11th Aug, Old Mill - Shotz, Dundee

Scottish Singles, Sat/Sun 26/27th Oct, Corner Pocket, Dalkeith

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